Hot 2019 Real Estate Tips

Exclusive open letter to every determined individual who would like to make a fortune investing in affordable lands here in Nigeria

"This Hot Real Estate Tip Will Make You Over 97 Million Naira before the End of 2019"

….and I’m willing to hand it over to you in the next 2 minutes…absolutely free Dear friend; If you’ll like to make a lot of money from real estate in the next 2 years, then this is the most exciting message you’ll ever read….it is going to be available for a limited time only and you are very lucky to have come across this webpage today.

Here is why.
As you read this, a rain of money windstorm is getting ready to happen in the real estate world right here in Nigeria. And in the coming years, by the time it will be over, it’d have made a lot of very smart real estate investors a staggering amount of fortune... ….and some of the people that this would make rich will possibly include you! You see, I could dive straight and hurriedly tell you all about this single real estate “insider tip” but I fear you may not clearly grasp the full weight of this information if I did that…. so allow me to tell you a short story that would make it all sink in and make perfect sense to you….

This Little Story Will Make You Rich

Stay with me….this might seem stupid to you at the beginning but it’d all make sense to you at the end. In a big country, there lived two men. One was the richest man in the country, and the other man was just a small-time but determined real estate investor who wanted to make a lot of money buying and selling lands. One day the real estate investor bought a small piece of land at the outskirts of his town with the 250,000 he had saved up. And when his friends saw the land they laughed at him. “Why will you invest in a land that is in the bush?” They mocked him. But he only smiled. Because what his friends didn’t know was that he had found out, from a reliable source, that the richest man in the country was about to build a big farm just 10 minutes’ drive away from that land. And he had heard it would be the BIGGEST farm in the country by the time it was finished. He was sure he was making the right decision, because he knew that once the rich man has finished building his farm he was going to employ a huge number of farmers; some of which would want to move to the town to settle. And they will need to build a house to settle in. Hoteliers too will want to set up hotels for the foreign experts and business persons that will be coming into the town from to time. Not to mention other bigger real estate investors that will want to build apartment houses for the farmers and the business persons that will need to settle in the town.

And All These People Will All Need To Buy a Land to Build These Projects

….That is without even adding the schools, the hospitals, the churches, the industries, the restaurants and the little businesses that will spring up in the town as a result of that farm. He knew that single farm the richest man was about to build in his town will bring development to the whole area, and when that happens the value of his land will triple and he will be able sell at a huge price….

This Isn’t Anything complicated…It’s Just Common Sense.

The Whiteman calls this move Land Banking – The process of keeping your money in lands instead of banks for better return on investment After the farm was finished everything happened as he predicted. And the moment the farmers started moving into the town the demand for lands shot through the roof. He put up his own land for sale and the next month he sold that little piece of land he bought at N250,000 for a staggering N20 million! In just a few years he pocketed N19.75 Million profits, shut his laughing friends up and completely amazed his rivals! His only regret, however, was he that did not buy 50 plots of that land He would have been made for life. So why did I tell you this story:

The Reason Is Because That Story Is Actually a True Story But It Has Not Happened Yet

Let me explain…. The rich man in the story is Aliko Dangote. The smart real estate investor could be you. And the big farm in the story is the Dangote Refinery & Petrochemical Plant that is currently under construction right inside the free trade zone. CNN called it; “One of the Biggest Refineries in The World”!! By 2019 it is going to be finished. And it would be employing close to 300,000 workers!

That Leaves Us with the Hot Real Estate Tip I Promised You at the Beginning of This Letter

Here it is: An estate, just 1.61 KM away from the Dangote Refinery and petrochemical plant, has put up a few of their lands for sale at a bargain price of between 4.5 Million to 7 million, Which is almost dirt cheap when you consider that those lands would appreciate by about 500% in the next 4 years or less. In fact, by 4th of December, 2017, they will appreciate by at least 50% - guaranteed! This means that if you wait till August to make a move the prices of those lands will have increased by close to double its price now. And if you make a move now and buy the lands, by December you can comfortably put it up for sale for close to double of what you paid for it now…..we are looking at each of them selling for as much as 20 – 35 million per plot in the next 4 years alone!! And they will keep going even higher in value.

Here Is Why

It isn’t just Dangote’s Refinery and Petrochemical plant that is in the vicinity of these lands. It also has
  • Propsed Lekki International airport in its vicinity
  • The 2nd Deepest Sea Port in Africa is being constructed 1.5km away
  • 4th Mainland Bridge too is in the neighborhood.
  • Pan African University
  • Gazzilions of beautiful proposed estates in the neighbourhood
  • Dozens of gated estate that, when completed, would make the neighborhood a reflection of wealth, success and high status.
  • Plus Including the Free Trade Zone… list but a few of the monster projects being built in the vicinity of these lands.
They are, by far, the hottest “low-priced” piece of lands in the entire country right now!
….and as these projects near completion, the value of these lands and the rents of the buildings built on them will skyrocket by a mind-blowing magnitude.
It is Like Buying a Piece of Land Right In The Middle Of Lekki Phase 1 before Their Prices Increased and Right before Anyone Discovered How Hot They Were!!!!!!
And very similar to buying a land right in the heart of Lagos Island in 1960 when they were cheap and bushy. These kind of opportunities come ONLY once in many years.

My advice is: move in fast, buy up some plots in this vicinity now they are selling really cheap and hold. Then sell when the price start going through the roof and make a killing.
  • If you need more information on these lands
  • Where the estate is exactly located
  • How to physically inspect them and see the lands for yourself
  • How to confirm how real these deals are
  • How to Access the cheap ones, buy up the land in full or installment payments and get immediate allocation on your purchase


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Moves like this are the sort of business moves that changes a man’s fortune and that of his generation forever. How you handle it is all that matters. It’s either you take the bull by the horn, take control of your fears and make a move now….or you let this pass and wish you had made the move later. The choice is entirely yours

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PSS: Also, for your viewing pleasure, here is a YouTube version of a documentary CNN made on the Dangote Refinery that is under construction ====

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Realtor Estate Expert and Consultant
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